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/ Grid Connected PV
Grid Connected PV

Large scale PV plants are used for electricity generation that is fed into the grid. Such systems typically consist of one or more photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC/AC power converter/inverter, racks, mounting fixtures, and electrical interconnections. Additionally, such systems could also include maximum power point trackers (MPPT), battery systems and chargers, solar trackers, software for energy management, solar concentrators etc. The electricity generated is either stored, used directly for self-consumption, or is fed into large electricity grids.

Grid connected projects may be either i) Ground Mounted PV or ii) Rooftop PV

i) Ground Mounted PV

  • Implementation of 750 MW PV projects under Phase II, Batch- I of JNNSM

SECI has been designated as the nodal agency for the implementation of 750 MW of Solar PV Projects under JNNSM Phase II, Batch-I, wherein SECI has been entrusted with the responsibility of projects selection, monitoring and timely execution, handling VGF funds and trading of the power generated.

750 MW of projects have been selected through a transparent process of VGF-based reverse bidding, 50% of which have the mandate of domestic content requirement (DCR).

The selected projects are likely to be commissioned by April, 2015.

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  • Solar Parks & Ultra Mega Solar Power Projects:

Solar Park is a concentrated zone of development of solar power generation projects, by providing to developers an area that is well characterized, properly infra-structured and where the risk of the projects can be minimized as well as the facilitation of the permitting process.

MNRE plans setting up 25 solar parks, each with a capacity of 500 to 1000 MW; thereby targeting around 20000 MW of solar power installed capacity. These solar parks will be put in place in a span of 5 years and the solar projects may then come up as per demand and interest shown by developers. 

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                TitleMega solar 5MW plant in Jodhpur, Rajasthan


                Courtesy: MNRE

  • Solar Power Projects: 

SECI is going to implement a 10 MW Solar plant at Madhya Pradesh, out of the remaining capacity of JNNSM Phase I under the bundling scheme. 

ii) Rooftop PV

Roof-top solar PV installations are becoming a popular green energy option for not only meeting own electricity load but also injecting surplus generation into the grid.  Schools, hospitals, storehouses, bus stations, railway stations etc.provide ample spaces to set up PV projects. There is a high possibility of natural load-generation balance if roof-top PV solar systems are installed.

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