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/ Phase-II, Batch-I: Log of documents Rel ...
Phase-II, Batch-I: Log of documents Released/Notifications issued

Document/Event Date of uploading  of the document / event held
VGF disbursed by SECI under JNNSM Ph-II, B-I as on 31.12.2015 31.12.2015
JNNSM Phase-II, Batch-I: List of projects commissioned as on 28.10.2015 28.10.2015
Amendment in VGF 750MW Guidelines for grid solar projects-Revision of scheduled commissioning date 28.10.2015
Amendment in the guidelines - Financial Closure 08.07.2015
Amendment in the Guidelines issued by MNRE regarding equity infusion 06.02.2015
Revised draft of Power Sale Agreement 23.07.2014
Notification regarding selected Projects of 750 MW grid connected solar PV Projects under JNNSM Ph-II,B-I 25.02.2014
Notification for Financial Bid opening & List of bidders found eligible for Financial Bid opening 15.02.2014
Snapshot of Bid opening of 750 MW Solar PV Projects under JNNSM Ph-II, Batch-I, held on 20th Jan, 2014 21.01.2014
Notification for bid opening issued 15.01.2014
2nd set of Amendments to the RfS document uploaded 09.01.2014
Amendment to the Guidelines regarding calculation of Net Worth issued by MNRE 09.01.2014
(MNRE’s website)
2nd and final version of VGF Securitization Agreement uploaded 08.01.2014
3rd and final version of Standard PPA document uploaded 08.01.2014
Initial draft version of PSA document uploaded 08.01.2014
2nd Pre-bid meeting held 02.01.2014
2nd set of Clarifications to RfS/PPA/VGFSA documents uploaded 01.01.2014
Notification for extension of last date of submission of response to RfS issued 20.12.2013
Clarification/Amendments on the Guidelines for creation of 2nd charge and Domestic Content Requirement, issued by MNRE   20.12.2013
(MNRE’s website)
Clarification on the Guidelines regarding Implementation Arrangement issued by MNRE 19.12.2013
(MNRE’s website)
2nd Version of Standard PPA document uploaded 30.11.2013
1st set of Clarifications on RfS/PPA/VGFSA documents  uploaded 30.11.2013
1st set of Amendments to the RfS document uploaded 29.11.2013
1st Pre-bid meeting held 19.11.2013
1st version of VGF Securitization Agreement uploaded   13.11.2013
1st version of PPA document uploaded 13.11.2013
RfS document uploaded 28.10.2013
Final Guidelines for the scheme uploaded by MNRE 25.10.2013
(MNRE’s website)
Notification of Payment Security Mechanism issued by MNRE 15.10.2013
Notification regarding Request for Selection of 750 MW Grid Connected Solar PV Projects, issued in print media 04.10.2013
Approval of CCEA for setting up 750 MW Grid connected Solar PV Projects through VGF 03.10.2013